Sprocket Communications also offers a wide range of business services, from our high speed internet packages to complete communication systems. If you run a small business in an area that traditionally has little to no internet coverage, then give us a call and we can provide you with a complete set of options.

Plus, enjoy priority support that can help troubleshoot problems, but also to answer any questions about how to better utilize your online business tools from security to management!

Save Time, Save Money

Businesses understand the value of saving the time of their employees, and it can be frustrating to work with customers if you have poor internet connectivity. Additionally, you may not have the option of providing wifi throughout your business location, making it harder to work for clients and for your employees to connect to vital company resources.

Plus, without high speed internet, you are unable to take advantage of VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone systems. These systems cost hundreds more in both monthly fees and installation costs. We can work with you create an easy to use and cost effective complete communications platform to help you do business better, smarter and faster!

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